How to Win Bigger Pots at the Poker Indonesia Website


Once you are logged into your Poker Indonesia account, you'll need to follow these steps in order to start raking in monster pots and growing that bankroll steadily.

Don't even think about sitting at high stakes tables, you are going to be one bad beat away from losing everything. There are tons of fish swimming around in the lower limit tables. This is where you need to be playing, and playing an aggressive style that gets these fish to lay down big hands.

Once you find the right table, make sure you make your presence known right out of the gate. Raise the blinds, raise the flop, push the action, you want to be recognized as a player who will fight with any two cards. This will make it easier to tell stories later.

If you have been pushing the action, players are less likely to keep chasing draws because it will cost them too much. You can rake in a ton of those pots by keeping your foot on the gas. 

Getting back to telling stories, if you told the story that you were aggressive, you can also lay some huge traps too. Let's assume you flop a set, so now they are expecting you to raise, but you check. You let others in the pot who are chasing, and maybe they catch on the river. Little do they realize your set became a full house on the river. You keep checking, so you get one of the people you have been bullying finally takes a stand to get you back and pushes all the chips in the middle. You call and rake in a monster.

Stay the course, and in short order, you are going to see your poker Indonesia bankroll reach heights you only have been dreaming about.

Tips for Going from Beginner to Expert Poker Player Online


Being able to make changes to your game when you are new to online poker is something that will help to keep you from being a target. If you can practice and master a few of these tips, you'll start moving your online poker bankroll in the right direction.

Try to mix up your plays as often as possible. There are great players at the online poker table who are looking for weaknesses, and then they pounce. If you can play a little aggressive in one round, then tight the next, the other player will not focus on trying to make your their target.

The chat feature at the table is where most weaker players are complaining about something. If you leave the feature on, resist the urge to speak to anyone because you are going to be giving them free information. Instead, use the chat feature to listen to the others complain, then go after those weak players when they reveal tells about their play.

There are players who feel the urge to flash their hole cards whenever they bluff or fold a really good hand. There is zero upside to doing this, so stop it immediately. Not only are you giving the table free information about your play, there is a good chance that you get another player mad when you bluff them, and now they make you a target. 

One of the things to learn as a new player is to set limits. If you are not sure how much to win on any given day, you will go broke over and over. Set a limit of 15 percent of your bankroll today, and when you win that much, quit for the day so you come back tomorrow to build on your success.

Keep focusing on getting better and in no time you will be able to dominate the table with your new skills. 

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